Value Based Services – Transform Your Medical Practice to survive in a Value-based Reimbursement World

Advanced Medical Services Value Based


If your billing company and clinic education is still focusing on traditional “fee for service” concepts, they are already antiquated.  It is absolutely critical the company you rely upon to collect your life-blood revenue and manage your practice and the people you trust to educate your staff about the vastly changed world of reimbursement be familiar with value-based commercial models, ACOs, MACRA, MIPS, and other alternative payment models you have NO CHOICE but to embrace.  At AMS we have national expertise to guide and mentor you through the MASSIVE adjustments that must be made in order to triumph in today’s value-based landscape.   Data reporting for the MACRA transition year begins January 1, 2017 and some of you have already joined ACOs and are participating in commercial value-based models and do not even know it. Even though 2017 is a year of “transition” for MACRA you still need to prepare for the future beyond 2017.

We offer THE VALUE BASED TRANSFORMATION, an on-site evaluation and education program for your organization, to prepare you for success.  Let us guide you to the proper pathway and transform your practice utilizing all your third party vendors and local resources. Let us review and re-negotiate payer contracts and evaluate all parts of your practice from the front office staff to billing.  Let us train your physicians on CDI for capturing co-morbidities and chronic diseases. Let us teach your coders how to code the clinical documentation to get the highest medical necessity support for your CPT codes. Our one day program is for small and some medium practices or two days for some medium and large practices.  THE VALUE BASED TRANSFORMATION includes everything from CDI and coding education for physicians and coding and billing staff to meetings with your EHR vendor, review of APM contracts, to and reviewing of CPIA and Advancing Care Information Reporting.  We have pricing per day for small practices (10 and less ECs), medium practices (11-30) and for large practices (31+).  We offer discounts for solo, small, and rural practices as well as multi-day discounts.

For more information on succeeding in a value-base world contact us for details and pricing today.