For the last 3 years, we have conducted value-based payment workshops for dozens of state and national organizations. If you don’t have an outsourced billing company or internal billing processes that understand the specialty-specific, unique Value-Based data and reporting requirements, your ability to collect is dramatically reduced. We can’t protect and collect your money if we don’t help you navigate MACRA, MIPS, APM, VBM, PCMH and the other quality and cost effectiveness “acronyms” that drive your payments. We provide quarterly reports that let you know where you stand when it comes to meeting VBR requirements.  Our job is to partner with you so we can optimize reimbursement opportunities. We challenge you to find another outsource billing company who is better prepared for this oncoming reimbursement battle.  For more information Contact Us.

With the shift to value-based reimbursement and the expertise required to survive the new environment, health care practices large and small will find it difficult to learn and keep up with the rapid changes to the entire reimbursement system. The question is no longer if you should outsource, but to whom will you trust with your company’s most precious asset – your revenue. Simple cost/benefit analyses will show that offloading your expenses associated with billing personnel, space, technology, and the headaches of dealing with payers allows you to save money…and hassles. For more information Contact Us.

Do you want to say goodbye to the daily billing grind but still want to retain outstanding members of your billing team? Our unique “hybrid” billing model allows you to keep your best people while at the same time transferring the oversight and management to us. Your people may be good. We’ll make them better. Every billing situation is unique and our primary goal is always to work with your team in partnership and not against your practice in conflict. For more information Contact Us.

Unlike most billing companies, AMS believes in absolute transparency for our customers. As a client you have direct and secure log-in to our software to view your account in real time. You can generate your billing expert’s daily productivity reports. What separates us from our competitors is our commitment to respond to your needs. We love talking with you about your account. We won’t run from your phone calls or emails, we welcome them.  For more information Contact Us.

AMS wants your practice to continue to use our services because you are happy with our results, not because you are bound by an onerous contract. Your practice’s best interests are what we strive for so you will continue to work with us. We guarantee to make your practice more money, and make your physicians and patients happy with the billing services. AMS proposes a six-month initial contract. After 6 months your practice may cancel at any time with a minimum of 60 days’ written notice. For more information Contact Us.

Advanced Medical Services’ fees vary according to the practice’s specialty and size, the volume of claims, billing services selected, and business model (Traditional vs. Hybrid) you choose. Our fees our based on a percentage of only what we collect on your behalf. AMS does not get paid until your practice is paid first. It may be two months before you get your first invoice and depending on the size of the practice, the EHR HL7 interface, and special needs of the practice, a startup fee may apply. Contact us for more details.

Advanced Medical Services can begin working for you immediately after we receive the needed information from your practice. The data set up and interface will only take a few days and we can process your superbills right away. Processing your claims electronically, however, is dependent upon the electronic registration time frame. Regardless of how long that process takes, we can immediately begin processing your claims by paper until the registration activity is complete. To begin letting us make more money for your practice contact us today!

We develop customized rules-based technology for each and every practice. Our long history with billing success has proven the key to fast claims turnaround and decreased billing errors is automation. You don’t have to spend money on expensive technology. We already have. Coupled with the most knowledgeable billing experts in the industry and the fact that we work with over 30 different specialties, we’ve already dealt with most of the payer curve balls that make it difficult to collect. Our value-based expertise is unparalleled in the revenue cycle industry. In order to be successful on your behalf, it is our duty to ensure you are prepared for this colossal change to how you get paid. For more information Contact Us.

The answer to all of the above is yes, we provide all that and more. However, AMS does not believe in forcing you into a standardized medical billing business model. We believe that every practice and specialty is unique and we allow you to choose as little or as much billing service as your practice requires. In addition to traditional revenue cycle management and billing services, AMS offers physician education, practice management consulting, coding, credentialing, and contract negotiating packages that best fit your needs. For more information please visit our Services page.