Credentialing and Clinic Set-Up



Don’t expose yourself to the headaches, mounds of paperwork, and confusion with the insurance companies!  The vast “paper chase” that credentialing, privileging, and licensing require can buckle even the strongest staff or new physician starting their own practice.  Allow us to augment your team and take this time-intensive task off your hands.  We can keep your valuable staff members where they need to be – contributing to quality healthcare for your patents not tied up chasing down the myriad elements that payers and facilities require. 

We use CAQH and have extensive payer contacts for credentialing.


Clinic Set-Up and Initiation

AMS will oversee aspects of the initial set-up of your practice.  This includes searching for suitable clinic location options, negotiation leases, acquisition of furniture, fixtures, and equipment, initial staff hiring including recruitment and preliminary interview to be submitted for your final interview and approval, securing professional and commercial liability insurance, analysis of EHR and practice management software options, internet and phone set up etc.  The cost of this option is listed in pricing and is anticipated to last 3 months in duration.  Associated expenses (advertising for staff positions for example) are not included in this cost and will be additionally billed at actual amount.

Please contact us for details and pricing.